Advancing equity means changing the way we practice philanthropy at every level.
These are stories of change makers who are shaking up the field.
Envision a philanthropy that isn’t afraid anymore – that can step bravely into taking risks and funding community-led social justice efforts, advocacy efforts, and cutting edge culture-change work.
Naa Hammond
Program Officer at Groundswell Fund
You might hold the authority to make decisions, but those decisions don’t live in isolation. So it’s important to engage the people who are impacted by those decisions, so the decisions are more equitable.
Karen Appelbaum
Director of Operations at Northwest Area Foundation
We believe supporting efforts of those working to uplift the most marginalized and oppressed brings our full community closer to justice and liberation.
Marco Antonio Quiroga
Program Director at the Contigo Fund
Changing practice means learning from others, and paving your own path from there.
Here are resources that will start you on that journey.
Equity in philanthropy is the investment of social and financial resources in policies, practices, and actions that produce equitable access, power, and outcomes for all communities.
Commit to advancing equity in philanthropy.
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