Understanding Diverse Communities

Underserved communities are complex and rich in their diversity. Detailed data reveals nuanced needs and opportunities for funders to consider when developing their own grantmaking strategies to advance equity. Here are some resources that CHANGE Philanthropy recommends as a starting point for building a deeper understanding of diverse communities:

AAPI Dataserves as a resource hub for research and demographic data on Asian American and Pacific Islander populations in the U.S.

The Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trendssite conducts detailed research on the demographics and trends of Latino populations in the U.S.

The Williams Instituteat the School of Law of the University of California, Los Angeles conducts a wide range of research on LGBTQ communities, including its LGBTstats, an interactive data tool for exploring LGBT demographics at the state and county level.

The Census Data on Native Americans includes 2015 American Indian Featured Facts.Additionally, Federal Funding & Unmet Needs in Indian Countryassesses the adequacy of funding provided via programs administered by federal six agencies and the unmet needs that persist in Indian Country.

ABFE has outlined Black Factssheets on the following topics: Child Welfare, Education, Employment & Workforce, Criminal, Wealth & Asset Building, and Health and Wellness.

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